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  • Great article Grant. I agree with the comments on PowerShell. They weren’t using it (much) at my last gig, so I bought about 4 books and taught myself – boy was it worth the effort.

    Any time I see “Data …” my mind sees Data Science. Though this article isn’t specific to DS, I believe that it’s a hot topic now, especially since SS 2017 incorporates Python. I think DBAs will have to learn some of the basics of DS since that seems to be the “new shiny object” in IT. I would imagine many DBAs out there have math related degrees, which would make them highly desirable in a business environment.

    Just my 2 cents.

    • And a nice 2 cents it is.

      I agree on the Data Science thing, although, it’s mostly about the math, not the technology. If you don’t have it, learning, especially at my age, is tough (doable, but tough).

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