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Writing books, even just a chapter, is not easy. Yet, people are desperate to do it for some reason. But, it’s actually hard to break into writing (not that hard, I did it after all). So, when you get the chance to work on a book, if you’re crazy enough to think you want to, jump on the opportunity. My good friend, and co-author of SQL Server MVP Deep Dives Volume 2, Jenn McCown (b|t) had an idea. Instead of gathering up a bunch of the usual suspects, what if you gave people who have never published anything a shot at writing a chapter. Yeah, insane, right? But then again, every author you know, at one point, wasn’t published. Someone gave them a chance. Jenn is just that kind of person. The name of her project, Tribal SQL.

What’s more, royalties that the authors would earn are actually going to go to Computers 4 Africa.

I haven’t read the book yet. I work for Red Gate and could get a free copy. I won’t. I’m going to go buy one. You should too. The book will be released in October.

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