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Tom LaRock’s (blog|twitter) question this month: What does #sqlfamily mean to me?


Geez Tom, couldn’t you ask a hard question for once?


Just saying #sqlfamily and a whole series of images of people flashes through my head. And those images are accompanied by all sorts of fun, amazing, interesting situations. And you know what, they’re all very positive. I don’t have flashes of people I dislike or bitter acrimony or really strange relationships. In short, maybe it’s not a family.

I have a huge, complex, and very extended real-life family. When I compare that to my #sqlfamily, parts of the real family don’t shine quite so bright as that #sqlfamily does (parts, of course, shine brighter, I love my family). The #sqlfamily is impressive.

I get so much from my #sqlfamily. I’ve received technical knowledge, friendship, technical help, emotional support, job advice, camaraderie, career advice, hugs (@sqlchicken’s are worth pursuing), jobs … in fact, I’ve gotten everything I could ever want from my #sqlfamily except help packing up and moving and I don’t doubt for a second I could get that if I needed it. Then there was that time, at the place, with the person, and none of us talk about that one, but you know all know what I mean.

In fact, I get so much from my #sqlfamily that I’m constantly worried that I’m not giving enough back. So, I try hard to be there. If someone asks for help, on anything, I try to provide it. If I can’t, as sometimes happens, I explain why and I tell them when I will be able to help later. I put myself out for my #sqlfamily because I think they deserve it. I feel like I know all these great people and they put up with having me around so I try to be as good as they are (and consistently fall short). It’s a daunting and wonderful place to be.

What does #sqlfamily mean to me? Pretty much everything. I’m just flat out a different, better, person than I would have been without them.


OK, fine, but what do you think?