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Last year at the PASS Summit we held a silly little event called Kilt Wednesday. Only three people took part, but it was very popular nonetheless. Here’s a sample of what it looked like. This year is looking to be a lot bigger. Keep an eye on Twitter for updates under the hash tag: #sqlkilt.

If you’re going to the 2010 Summit, bring your kilt for Wednesday. Ladies, you’re invited too.

This is an unofficial event and has nothing to do with the PASS organization. We’re just having a little fun. Remember, Seattle is home to Utilikilts, so you can pick up a kilt while you’re there.


  • I will try to come this year. But instead of Kilt, maybe I can wear the Indian Kilt. 🙂 (You saw the picture once)
    But isnt it a bit cold at the time of the summit to wear a kilt?

OK, fine, but what do you think?