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Tonight’s Southern New England SQL Server Users group is sponsored by Idera. Our presenter is Scott Abrants of Iron Mountain. He’s talking about deploying databases using Visual Studio Team System:Database Edition. We have a good turnout with 12 people (yeah, we’re small).

Scott’s presentation was a lot of fun and very informative. He’s very involved with automating his deployments to a fare-thee-well. He really has Visual Studio dancing and singing. It was a very thorough overview of the VSTS:DBE soltuion.¬†Other user groups should be jealous that we got to see this presentation.


  • Michael G


    Big Fan!

    Can you give your take on Visual Studio Team System:Database Edition? Do you currently use it?


    Michael G
    Houston TX

  • Scott Abrants

    Thank you for the nice plug Grant. It was a pleasure to speak at the meeting. I am hoping others found the information useful. Keep up the great work over there!

  • scarydba

    Hi Michael.

    Let me give you the shortest possible answer: H*** Yes!

    I really do love it. If you look around a bit, you can find some stuff I published on it over at SQL Server Central. I also did a presentation on it at the PASS Summit, my first, year before last. There also a few posts about it on the blog here.

    That said, I think Scott has done everything I’ve done with it plus quite a bit. He’d be good resource to track down.

OK, fine, but what do you think?