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The Southern New England SQL Server Users Group’s October meeting was a bit sparsely attended with 7 attendees. The sponsor for the night was ApexSQL. The presenation was by AJ Dharmapuri who spoke on using DMV’s.

Barbara Sampson, SNESSUG Treasurer, did a demo of ApexSQL’s SQLEdit. It’s a pretty powerful TSQL coding and scripting tool. There’s a lot of functionality that worked in a very snappy way during the demo and looked great. I may need to spend some time with their products to see if we can put them to work. As part of the sponsorship, we gave away a license for the Apex SQL Univeral Studio. Quite a prize.

I was very excited to see AJ’s presentation for a few reasons. First, because he presented on DMV’s, based on an article he wrote that will soon be published in SQL Server Central. Next, because AJ is presenting for the very first time (and it’s a shame he didn’t get a bigger audience). Finally, because assuming he likes it and works with it, then SNESSUG has another speaker (it’s hard to get people to speak in Rhode Island).

He was great! He broke down the discussion by identifying common situations, such as, what is running on the server right now. Based on the situation, AJ showed which DMV’s or DMF’s would help you answer the question or address the situation best. His knowledge was good, presentation skills were solid, he explained things very well and definitely said “uh” a lot less than I usually do. It was a useful bit of knowledge, well presented and well received. Congrats AJ, well done.

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  • Thank you very much Grant! Very nice of you. Btw, remember I am just following your lead. 🙂

    I highly appreciate your feedback. I picked up lots of points seeing you & many others present. BrentO’s blog ( had numerous points that I tried to include or avoid. Thank you BrentO!

    Oh and the article that I submitted recently at SSC is not on DMVs…however it would probably be my next one.

    I thoroughly enjoyed presenting at SNESSUG! Although the audience was limited the spirit wasn’t on both sides of the dais. Look forward to more opportunities in the future & hope to do well.

    Thanks again Grant!

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