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I presented last night at the Cape Cod .NET User’s Group. What a great bunch of people. About 20 people showed up at the nice facility they’re using, Venture Think Together. A little pizza and a little chat and the meeting got started. Marcia McLean, their president, gave me a nice little introduction and I went through my slides. As I did them, I kept thinking about some of the advice offered up by Brent Ozar yesterday. Suddenly my slides seemed so wordy. It started to throw me off, but I just ignored it & plowed on. Overall, I think the presentation went well. I hit a couple of snags on some of the examples that I’m going to tweak before I present this at the PASS Summit in just a few weeks.

Thanks for having me guys. You’re invited to come see us at the Southern New England SQL Server User’s Group any time. I’ll post the slides and sample code over here after I present at PASS.

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