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I try to shy away from humor in any of my posts because what I think is funny, others think is irritating or stupid (examples: I LOATHE Adam Sandler and I thought Hudson Hawk was funny. So there. I’m completely out of the main stream of America where comedy is concerned). I wanted to post something funny about getting an upgraded listing over at SQLRockStar’s Blog Rankings. I’ve started it several times, looking to the Oscars and trying to  imitate Sally Fields or maybe that little Italian guy, toss in a Native American being really sombre & sad, a few streakers, an old guy doing push-ups (ohe-handed, even though he cheated a bit on the form, I still can’t do those, even cheating)… None of it worked. I do appreciate wit, I just don’t have any.

Instead, I’ll leave the humor to Tom & Tim, they’re good at it.

Thanks Tom… and I want to thank the Academy, and my makeup artist, my mom, all the little people that made this possible. It’s about time too. I should have received it for other work and everyone knows it, but now I’m getting it for more mediocre work but as a consolation for not getting it for the work that I should have received it for and now some other poor shleb isn’t getting theirs this time but instead will be booting out another worthy at some later award period because then it’ll be their turn to get the sympathy award and the entire circle repeats because after all this is a totally political awards body and it’s about who you blow or know or know to blow and not about the strict artistry of our art and work but now they’re playing that stinking music and the microphone is starting to sink into the floor so you can watch some interpretative dance of the DBCC process which I’m informed involves Paul Randal in a kilt and for some reason a bunch of shirtless firemen. GOOD NIGHT TULSA!


OK, fine, but what do you think?