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Unfortunately PASS decided to put the SQL Server Standard to sleep right after I got an article published in it (and no, it wasn’t my fault). However, PASS, being the service oriented organization that they are, has decided to make back issues of the magazine available online. So, to read the article I wrote comparing various methods of retrieving versioned data using different TSQL constructs, click this link. Go to page 14. Oh yeah, and you can see other peoples articles here too.

There are other things coming out of the editorial committee soon (although I need to get one of them done myself… yikes).


  • Get used to needing to do stuff. For some reason that new shiny title seems to make people think you’re willing to do anything SQL related (write, present, interview, etc). 😉

  • scarydba

    This is stuff I had already committted to. I haven’t seen any new requests yet. She Who Must Be Obeyed has been teaching me a new word. I still don’t have it down yet, but I suspect I’ll be trying it out. If I go real slow, I can spell it. Let’s try….. n……o.

OK, fine, but what do you think?