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Performance Tuning Using Execution Plans
Query Performance Tuning in SQL Server


Inside SQL Server Internals – Kalen Delaney, et al
Inside SQL Server T-SQL Querying – Itzik Ben Gan
SQL Server 2008 Transact-SQL Recipes – Joseph Sack



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Performance Tuning SQL Server
Performance Tuning with Execution Plans

16 thoughts on “Presentation Resources

  1. RE: “Identifying and Fixing Performance Problems using Execution Plans” – webinar – EXCELLENT !!!! – thanks for taking the time to cover the topics. !

  2. Hi thanks again for the webinar yesterday, I’m new to execution plans and found the content very accessible and informative. Will you be posting the webinar recording at some time? Thanks!

  3. Grant, thanks for the precon! Well worth the money, extra night and travel. You did an absolutely fantastic job. I am blown away that this was your first pre con and I feel like I could sit there for all three days in your class. Also, I really like your scary presentation style. Tons of energy and you were very much engaged with the audience. For anyone reading who is contemplating your next precon: SIGN UP! You won’t be disappointed.

  4. Great Grant,
    It was just wonderful getting scared by Scary DBA but now I am blessed by your presentations, blogs, write ups & Twitter acquaintance..
    I will live w/o fear hereafter watching you present.

  5. Hi Grant, I attended Madison WI SQL Saturday this month and attended your session on Query Store in SQL Server VNext. I checked the site, your presentation is not up. Could you please point me from where I can download it? Thanks. It was very informational and I think I can use it at my work.

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